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Nikolai Grozni: The Whispers of Music Lost

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“Only the words break the silence, all other sounds have ceased,” writes Beckett in his Texts for Nothing. Or does he sing it? If words were the only sounds, then a sentence would be the only melody. We might never understand which came first—the words or the melody. Perhaps the first humans knew how to sing long before they knew how to talk. In this Dionysian vision of antiquity, all mortals were originally musicians. Music was the only thing that mattered. People understood each other by inventing mimetic melodies and singing together in tune. They appeared, loved, suffered, worshipped the gods and died like opera singers on stage.

American Indians - A conversation with David Treuer

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I think people worldwide have a fairly romantic notion about American Indians. In some ways we are the most visible and invisible minority in the United States. We make up 1% of the population, which is a very small amount, but we occupy vast tracts of the American imagination. America set itself apart from Europe in many ways by evoking our presence, in everything from the Boston Tea Party to the Declaration of Independence, to Custer’s defeat at the Little Bighorn. We have been part of America’s myth-making about itself, so we function largely as part of a myth but we are not understood as being part of an American reality...

Scotland’s Hour of Choice

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With the Scottish independence referendum campaign in full swing, it is difficult to stand back and evaluate the position of Scotland in a dispassionate way. Scottish citizens will shortly be called upon to decide whether they agree or not with the proposition that ‘Scotland should be an Independent country’. A second article – in around one month’s time – will provide an assessment of why the referendum result turned out the way it did. For the moment, it behoves the serious analyst to stand back from the passions of the campaign itself and recall that various different perspectives and interpretative frameworks are available... 

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