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Key to saving libraries: free internet access and Sunday opening

The Guardian, 22 March 2010
Publié le : 22 mars 2010
 Patrick Wintour 

"Britain's public libraries, fighting declining use and an inevitable wave of spending cuts by local councils, can still flourish if they offer free internet access, Sunday opening and a promise to provide any book in the national book collection, a review on the future of libraries concludes today.

"It also insists that councils must retain a statutory duty to provide a universal library service.

In a foreword to the review the culture minister, Margaret Hodge, warns that "the context in which libraries operate is changing starkly and at speed".

"The government review, which has taken nearly two years, proposes library membership entitlement from birth and a suggestion that membership of one public library provide access to other libraries.

"It suggests that commercial companies such as Starbucks should be allowed to set up outlets in libraries to make them more welcoming places."

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