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02 November 2020 - New Zealand votes to legalise euthanasia

Publié par Marion Coste le 02/11/2020

New Zealand votes to legalise euthanasia in referendum

Eleanor Ainge Roy (The Guardian, 30/10/2020)

New Zealanders have voted to legalise euthanasia for those with a terminal illness, in a victory for campaigners who say people suffering extreme pain should be given a choice over how and when to bring their life to a close.

The decision on whether to legalise euthanasia appeared as a referendum question on the 17 October general election ballot paper, alongside a second referendum question on whether to legalise cannabis – which did not succeed, according to preliminary results.

The results of the euthanasia referendum are binding and will see the act come into effect 12 months from the final results – on 6 November 2021. Assisted dying will be administered by the Ministry of Health.

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Euthanasia referendum: Doctors prepare to put law into action

Eva Corlett (New Zealand Herald, 01/11/2020)

Doctors are gearing up for a hefty year of planning and preparation with the End of Life Choice Act set to come into force.

The preliminary referendum result shows 65.1 per cent of voters supported the act and 33.8 per cent opposed it.

Assisted dying remains illegal in New Zealand until November 6, 2021.

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Election 2020: One referendum passes, another fails 

Editorial (, 30/10/2020)

If 2020 is set to be the year of surprises, twists and cliffhangers, then it seems fitting that the New Zealand general election offered not one exciting ending, but two.

After the election proper on October 17, we had to wait almost two weeks for the preliminary results of two referendums. Both had enormous legal, moral, social and medical implications. To say they were hotly anticipated was an understatement.

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'A sad day for Aotearoa': Kiwis react to cannabis and euthanasia referenda results

(New Zealand Herald, 30/10/2020)

The referenda results are out and show the majority of those who voted said yes to euthanasia and no to legalising cannabis in New Zealand.

The results were announced at 2pm today and caused lively discussion across social media, with people on both sides of the issues commenting on the majority's decision.

The #referendum2020 hashtag was trending on Twitter after the announcement, with many Kiwis making their views clear on the results.

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