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Jobs, debt and, yes, health care still, top an American to-do list on eve of Obama speech

The Chicago Tribune, 24 January 2011
Publié le : 25 janvier 2011
 Calvin Woodward 
"WASHINGTON (AP) Health care is Shannon Taylor's "big, big hot button" and no wonder. She is a nurse in Tennessee who examines hospital bills for a health insurance company, and a mother who saw President Barack Obama's health care law come just in time for her family. "In the State of the Union speech Tuesday night, she will be looking for Obama to stand firm against Republicans who want to take the law apart. Health insurance for her daughter, who has lifetime medical problems, could hang in the balance. "Many other Americans feel a personal stake in what Obama will say Tuesday and do later and what Republicans do in response. The hunger for jobs and economic growth stood out in interviews with more than 1,000 people, part of an Associated Press-GfK poll asking Americans what one thing they most want the government to accomplish this year." Read on...
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