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Japan's nuclear crisis widens as a second blast shakes nuclear plant

The Los Angeles Times, 14 March 2011
Publié le : 14 mars 2011
 Mark Magnier, Barbara Demick and Laura King 
"Reporting from Sendai, Japan, and Tokyo A fresh explosion rocked a crippled nuclear complex as rescuers from around the world converged on Japan's devastated earthquake zone, searching for survivors and ministering to the sick and hungry. With the death toll from the largest quake in Japan's recorded history expected to ultimately reach the tens of thousands, more than a half-million people have been displaced by growing radiation fears and the massive swath of destruction. "Japanese officials ordered people near the Fukushima complex around which an evacuation zone had already been carved out to stay indoors after a hydrogen blast Monday in the containment building of one of its six reactors, similar to one that occurred Saturday in a separate reactor." Read on...
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