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Is Occupy Wall Street a tea party for Democrats?

The Los Angeles Times, 7 October 2011
Publié le : 7 octobre 2011
 Paul West 
Reporting from Washington As protests aimed at shaming Wall Street continued near New York's financial heart, they raised a tantalizing prospect for beleaguered liberals: Their side may, unexpectedly, be witnessing the redefinition of a coming election year that was supposed to be all about an "enthusiasm gap" for Democrats against charged-up Republicans. President Obama, asked at a White House news conference Thursday whether the Occupy Wall Street movement had potential as a tea party for the left, ducked the question. But his vice president, characteristically, didn't mince words, and drew a direct connection between the two ideologically disparate protests. The new movement, which has spread from Manhattan to other cities, has "a lot in common with the tea party," Vice President Joe Biden said, speaking across town at a forum sponsored by the Atlantic magazine. Both, he said, grew out of a profound sense that the political system was badly out of whack. "We were bailing out the big guys" in the financial community, he said, while failing to fix the problems of hard-pressed, ordinary Americans. Read on...
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