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In Joplin, threat of more tornadoes keeps residents on edge

The Los Angeles Times, 25 May 2011
Publié le : 26 mai 2011
 Nicholas Riccardi, Kim Murphy and Mitchell Landsberg 
"Reporting from Joplin, Mo., Catoosa, Okla., The tornado sirens sounded about 9:30 p.m., prompting a stampede through the hallways of Joplin's Hilton Garden Inn. ""You're going to go through a lot of these in your life," a man told his adolescent son, who was trembling with fear, as they sought refuge Tuesday night. "Not long ago, tornado sirens would have elicited a blase response here: a shrug, a glance at the sky. But something actually, almost everything changed in Joplin on Sunday night, when a twister of historic ferocity gouged a path of destruction through the heart of this southwestern Missouri town." Read on...
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