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Heatwave brings rare moths to UK

The Guardian, 7 October 2011
Publié le : 7 octobre 2011
 Press Association 

The recent heatwave has seen hundreds of rare moths arriving in the UK, in what experts are describing as the best migration for the insects in years.

A variety of species, many of which are usually found in the Mediterranean, have turned up in the UK and Ireland as a result of the warm weather and southerly winds, Butterfly Conservation said.

The rare flame brocade moth, Trigonophora flammea, normally found in Spain and France, has been seen in its highest numbers for 130 years.

Unusually large numbers of the moth, which usually only turns up in single figures in the UK in autumn, recorded at a site in Sussex have led experts to conclude that there could be a colony in the county. Over 20 have been seen per night.

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