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Healthcare bill's tough sell in the House

The Los Angeles Times, 9 November 2009
Publié le : 9 novembre 2009
 Janet Hook 
"Reporting from Washington - With the struggle over healthcare entering an even tougher phase, President Obama has hit both a milestone and a speed bump in his dual pursuit of a major overhaul of the nation's medical system and a rebirth of progressivism in America. "House approval of legislation Saturday -- even if Democrats can move it no further -- was an accomplishment that has eluded presidents for decades. But the close vote and the exertions it took to secure a majority were laden with warning signs as the issue moves to the Senate. "Even though the House is a bastion of liberalism, the healthcare overhaul was a tougher sell than expected and the bill turned out to be more conservative in its price tag, more limited in the scope of its government-run insurance option and tighter in its restrictions on abortion funding than many Democrats had hoped." Read on...
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