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H1N1 swine flu: Vaccine faces setbacks

The Chicago Tribune, 8 September 2009
Publié le : 8 septembre 2009
 William Mullen 

"As the swine flu spreads across the Chicago area this fall, doctors at Elmhurst Clinic plan to quickly notify pregnant women, children and other high-risk patients about the need for a vaccination, using the facility's new all-electronic database. "Yet questions about the vaccine's production leave them guessing about their ability to deliver the doses. ""We know the vaccine is coming, but we don't know when or in what quantities, which makes planning difficult," said Donald Lurye, a physician and CEO of the west suburban clinic. "The development of enough safe and effective vaccine is key to preparations for combating the expected proliferation of the H1N1 virus. Around the world, the health industry is busy producing and testing it while officials race in other ways to prepare the nation's hospitals, clinics and public health agencies -- not to mention public schools and college campuses that are filling up once again."

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