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Government Art Collection to go under public scrutiny for first time

The Guardian, 3 December 2010
Publié le : 3 décembre 2010
 Alexandra Topping 

"It has witnessed governments and empires collapse, heard the gossip of mandarins and seen the rise and fall of many a calculating politician. But, for the first time, the Government Art Collection is to face an entirely different audience - the public who paid for its acquisition.

"The collection - which has decorated British embassies, consulates and ministerial buildings throughout the world for more than a century - is going to be displayed to the public.

"Arch political operator Lord Mandelson, the prime minister's wife, Samantha Cameron, and the chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, Sir John Sawers, are among the guest curators choosing which of the 13,500 works will go on display."

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