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Gordon Brown to appear at Iraq inquiry before next election

The Times, 22 January 2010
Publié le : 22 janvier 2010
 David Brown 

"Gordon Brown will appear in front of the Iraq inquiry before the general election, Downing Street sources confirmed last night.

"An exact date for the Prime Minister's appearance is yet to be set and sources said that members of the inquiry were absolutely furious that the information was released by No 10 before its planned announcement today. They complain that Downing Street is turning the invitation, which was extended by the inquiry in a letter last night, into a political issue.

"Sir John Chilcot, who is leading the inquiry, had previously said that it must be strictly non-partisan and remain firmly outside party politics and that Mr Brown's evidence should be delayed for this reason. But there has been mounting political pressure for Mr Brown to appear at the hearing before the election, which must be held by June 3."

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