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Flooded Georgia hopes worst is over

The Chicago Tribune, 23 September 2009
Publié le : 23 septembre 2009
 Richard Fausset 
"Reporting from Atlanta - Georgia faced continuing headaches and heartache Tuesday from a pernicious series of rainstorms that had claimed the lives of at least seven people and flooded more than 1,000 homes -- although weather forecasters said the worst of the deluge likely had passed. "On Tuesday morning, Gov. Sonny Perdue formally asked President Obama for an emergency declaration that would make the hardest-hit areas eligible for federal disaster relief funds. A day earlier, Perdue had declared a state of emergency in 17 counties in the Atlanta area and north Georgia. "In the last few days, parts of the state have been deluged with more than 20 inches of rain. Thousands of residents, Perdue said in his appeal to Obama, remained without power, dozens of roads were still closed, and several county systems were not able to deliver potable water." Read on...
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