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Expenses - the latest list of MPs in the clear, and those paying something back

The Guardian, 15 October 2009
Publié le : 15 octobre 2009
 Allegra Stratton 

"Hilary Benn, environment secretary: clean bill of health

"Douglas Alexander, international development secretary: asked to repay £420 for a garage door bill apparently submitted twice, which he denies

"John Denham, communities secretary: £1,500 unspecified repayment

"Ed Balls, children's secretary: asked to repay £13.50 over miscalculation of mortgage interest

"Ed Miliband, energy secretary: clean bill of health

"Andy Burnham, health secretary: asked to clarify claims

"Shaun Woodward, Northern Ireland secretary: asked to repay £1,426.42 for mortgage over-payment and asked to supply mortgage statement"

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