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DUP turmoil brings little joy to republican streets of Belfast

The Guardian, 13 January 2010
Publié le : 13 janvier 2010
 Esther Addley and Henry McDonald 

"Stormont, perched on a hill above east Belfast, might have spent Monday in turmoil, but a day later things looked rather less frantic from the other side of the wide lough valley that cradles the city, just off the nationalist Falls Road.

"With a murky grey cloud hugging the snow-capped Black mountain, mothers scurrying with pushchairs and elderly couples indoors, hurried out of the bitter wind and on with their business, many barely raise an eyebrow when asked about the scandalous week that has passed.

"One line of argument is that the problems in the assembly, potentially leading to new elections, could greatly help Sinn Fein, because a split unionist vote could see it as the largest party, able to nominate Martin McGuinness as first minister rather than deputy."

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