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Dumping languages stunts life chances, schools are told

The Guardian, 27 January 2011
Publié le : 27 janvier 2011
 Jessica Shepherd 

"State schools were accused of disqualifying their pupils from top jobs today after it emerged that little more than a third of them now teach the majority of their pupils a foreign language.

"The number of state schools abandoning languages at GCSE is on the increase and follows years of steady decline. Meanwhile, private schools show no signs of giving up on languages and increasingly offer pupils the chance to study Mandarin and Japanese, a study has shown.

"The National Centre for Languages - known as CiLT - polled 711 schools, 145 of them private.

It found that last year, just 36% of the state schools surveyed taught a foreign language to the majority of pupils aged 14 or 15. This is a drop on the year before, when 41% of state schools did so."

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