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Dossier - The Other Side of Truth (Beverley Naidoo)

A l'occasion du passage de Beverley Naidoo dans l'Académie de Rouen en mai 2010, La Clé des langues met en ligne un ensemble de ressources destinées aux enseignants qui souhaiteraient aborder The Other Side of Truth avec leurs élèves.

An interview with Beverley Naidoo

Un entretien accordé à La Clé des langues par Beverley Naidoo suite à son déplacement dans l'académie de Rouen.
"Language is about making and sharing meaning. While Sade battles with her violent nightmares and the disruption of everything that she has known, she carries the voice of her mother in her head in the form of Mama's favourite proverbs.  It is Sade's love of words and her ability to communicate that ultimately save her.  Femi, on the other hand, does not know how to articulate his pain.  It is suppressed and buried inside him, almost explosively so..."

A conversation with students

La transcription d'une visioconférence entre Beverley Naidoo et les élèves du Lycée Jean-Baptiste de la Salle (Rouen).
"I would say that once I realized what was really happening in South Africa and began to see in a new way everything around me, there was only one of two choices. It's like suddenly realizing that bullying is going on. You realize that somebody is abusing their power over somebody else. What do you do? If you do nothing, you become part of the problem because you are then part of the context that allows that bullying to continue. I think for me it was a gradual process of beginning to see things differently..."

A school play

The Other Side of Truth adapted for the stage by David Stevens
Deux extraits d'une pièce inspirée du roman de Beverley Naidoo et jouée au Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen par les élèves de Madame Bertholle, professeur d'anglais au Lycée J. B. de la Salle.

Documents for teachers

Ces ressources sont proposées par Sophie Dia, professeur d'anglais au lycée Le Corbusier, Aubervilliers.

The heroic prison letter of Ken Saro-Wiwa

A prescient letter from Ken Saro-Wiwa, published in the Mail&Guardian in May 1995
"A YEAR has gone by since I was rudely roused from my bed and clamped into detention. Sixty-five days in chains, weeks of starvation, months of mental torture and, recently, the rides in a steaming, airless Black Maria to appear before a kangaroo court, dubbed a special military tribunal, where the proceedings leave no doubt that the judgment has been written in advance. And a sentence of death against which there is no appeal is a certainty..."

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