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Diamond Jubilee: Surprising facts about Queen Elizabeth II's 60 years

The Los Angeles Times, 5 June 2012
Publié le : 5 juin 2012
 Catharine M. Hamm 
Americans may be more enamored of the royal family than the Brits. There is something so delightfully, well, foreign about the concept, and something so endearingly stuffy about a monarch who is always perfectly groomed and a perfect lady.

As Californians, don't you long to see her in shorts and flip-flops just once? Probably not going to happen. But we imagine you'll see her in a slightly new light after you take this quiz about a queen who became queen only because her uncle abdicated to marry the woman he loved.

Here are some tidbits, with thanks to Encyclopedia Britannica, Kenneth Kidd's article in the Toronto Star and the official website of the British monarchy.

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