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Dan Brown's follow-up to 'The Da Vinci Code' went on sale at midnight

The Independent, 15 September 2009
Publié le : 15 septembre 2009
 Janet Maslin 

"As a man whose ideas have had their share of physical effects, Dan Brown is well aware of how widely read and closely scrutinised The Lost Symbol will be. He even lets a character joke about this book's guaranteed popularity. Dr Katherine Solomon specialises in noetic science, with its focus on mind-body connections. She admits that her field is not widely known. But when her story comes out, she suggests, noetics could get the kind of public relations bump that Mr Brown gave to the Holy Grail.

"Dr Solomon accompanies Robert Langdon, the rare symbologist who warrants the word dashing as both noun and verb, through much of this novel, his third rip-snorting adventure. As Browniacs have long predicted, the chase involves the secrets of Freemasonry and is set in Washington, where some of those secrets are built into the architecture and are thus hidden in plain sight." Read on...
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