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Crime czar Louise Casey blames Gordon Brown for growth of yob culture

The Times, 19 October 2009
Publié le : 19 octobre 2009
 Richard Ford 

"The Government's own neighbourhood crime adviser has accused Gordon Brown of letting people down on antisocial behaviour.

"Louise Casey said that not enough was being done to stop yobs making other people's lives a misery. She said that, unless police and councils got a grip on the problem, it would pass from generation to generation.

"She told The Times that she was shocked by the cases of Fiona Pilkington who killed herself and her daughter after suffering years of abuse from bullies and the brothers who attacked two boys in Edlington, South Yorkshire. Honestly, I think we have let people down, she said. I am not suggesting that anybody personally is responsible for the extraordinarily tragic case of Mrs Pilkington and her daughter, but can you go to bed at night knowing everything is being done to prevent these things from happening? That is the test."

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