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Congressman says pizza is NOT a vegetable, introduces SLICE Act

The Chicago Tribune, 24 May 2012
Publié le : 24 mai 2012
 Richard Simon 

WASHINGTON -- The notion that Congress could consider pizza a vegetable may be just too much to digest.

The SLICE Act, for School Lunch Improvements for Children’s Education, has been introduced in response to congressional action last fall ensuring that two tablespoons of tomato paste slathered on pizza could continue to be classified as a full vegetable serving in the federal school lunch program.

"Pizza certainly has its place in school meals, but equating it with broccoli, carrots and celery seriously undermines this nation’s efforts to support children’s health and their ability to learn because of better school nutrition," Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), the bill’s chief sponsor, said in a letter to colleagues seeking their support for the measure. "Its nutritional content should be accurately reflected in school meal standards."

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