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Climate conference: 'Make bankers pay for deal'

The Independent, 16 December 2009
Publié le : 16 décembre 2009
 Michael McCarthy 

"Ethiopia, one of Africa's poorest countries, last night put forward a radical multibillion-dollar plan to break the continuing deadlock at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen - which was immediately taken up by Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy.

"The proposal, from Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia's long-standing ruler who is now one of Africa's elder statesmen, concerned one of the crucial sticking points in the negotiations for a new treaty to fight global warming, which have to end on Friday - the financial deal which must be a key part of any new climate agreement.

"Rich countries have agreed in principle that they will create a massive new international Climate Fund to help poor countries cut their carbon emissions and adapt to the damage likely to be caused by climate change but negotiations are stuck on who should contribute and how much."

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