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Cleveland neighborhood harbored a nightmare of death

The Chicago Tribune, 5 November 2009
Publié le : 5 novembre 2009
 Meghan Barr, Vicki Smith 
"CLEVELAND The run-down Cleveland neighborhood where 50-year-old Anthony Sowell quietly carved out an existence is the type of place where women can disappear almost in plain sight. "Where crack users sneak into vacant houses to do drugs, have sex, then steal copper pipes and wiring to make a few bucks. "Where no one asks a lot of questions, even about the smell of rotting meat that came when the wind blew a certain way. Some likened it to the smell of death, and it seemed to follow Sowell around. "No one is sure how long Sowell, a registered sex offender who would offer free barbecue to the neighbors, had been living in his three-story house with corpses lying around, many of them black women who had been strangled. Police have now recovered 11 bodies from the home on Imperial Avenue, in the living room, crawl spaces and backyard graves. There was even a skull in the basement." Read on...
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