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Clegg risks rift with Tories on tax and human rights

The Times, 19 May 2010
Publié le : 19 mai 2010
 Roland Watson 

"Nick Clegg is promising to make the tax system fairer rather than lower the tax burden as he seeks to imbue the coalition with Liberal Democrat values.

"In an interview with The Times, the Deputy Prime Minister said that he expected the Government to ease taxes on middle and lower-income families and to press ahead quickly with a rise in capital gains tax for higher earners.

"Asked whether he expected the Government to reduce the tax burden, he said: No, I am saying we will rebalance the tax system. We're not making great claims about the overall tax burden.

"His comments are likely to expose faultlines with his Tory partners, for whom lowering the taxes borne by families and businesses is an article of faith."

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