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CBI criticises schools over 'inadequate' literacy and numeracy

The Guardian, 9 May 2011
Publié le : 9 mai 2011
 Jeevan Vasagar 

"Almost half of all employers have paid for remedial training for school and college leavers who lack a basic grasp of English and maths, according to the CBI.

"Companies also find school leavers lacking in the broader attributes required for work, with 69% saying school leavers have inadequate business awareness, and more than 50% finding shortcomings in their ability to manage themselves.

"The survey of more than 500 firms shows that 42% are dissatisfied with school leavers' use of English, and more than a third are concerned about numeracy. Twelve per cent of employers provided remedial literacy training for graduates. The government is expected to announce this week that teenagers failing to get good GCSEs in English and maths should be required to pursue these subjects after 16. At present, 4% of such teenagers go on to achieve this by the age of 19."

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