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Cameron 'fighting to win' as he embarks on non-stop tour of British Isles

The Guardian, 5 May 2010
Publié le : 5 mai 2010
 Severin Carrell and Henry McDonald 

"David Cameron urged voters to rally to the Conservatives as he embarked on a non-stop, 30-hour tour of 10 target seats across the British Isles to try to cement his support in the final hours of the election campaign.

"The Tory leader sought to underscore his determination to win an overall majority on Thursday by campaigning through the night, declaring he was a unifying force, "fighting for change, fighting to win and fighting for people".

"Insisting he wanted to become prime minister for the whole population, on a visit to Scotland he launched vigorous attacks on Gordon Brown and the prospects of a hung parliament run by a Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition."

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