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Brown: I will urge Libya to compensate IRA victims

The Independent, 7 September 2009
Publié le : 7 septembre 2009
 Nigel Morris and Daniel Howden 

"Gordon Brown last night promised he would back the battle for compensation from Libya for the relatives of IRA bomb victims, after leaked letters showed he had initially refused to take up the issue because of fears it might harm relations with Col Muammar Gaddafi.

"Dogged by the continuing fallout from the release of the Lockerbie bomber, Mr Brown hurriedly moved to limit damage from suggestions that he was being hard-hearted towards the families of those killed by Semtex explosive supplied to the IRA by Libya.

"The papers disclosed that he had told campaigners seeking a cash payout from the Gaddafi government that it was not "appropriate" for British ministers to pursue the case. He explained that increasing Libyan co-operation on tackling terrorism could be threatened if the issue was taken up at official level."

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