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Britain turns off Haiti aid and delivers a snub to New York donor conference

The Times, 31 March 2010
Publié le : 31 mars 2010
 Giles Whittell, James Bone, and Martin Fletcher 

"Britain has pledged no new aid for the reconstruction of Haiti and will be the only big economy not represented at ministerial level at a landmark donor conference in New York today to plan the country's future, The Times has learnt.

"As Hillary Clinton and the former President Bill Clinton lead a top-level American delegation to the conference, Britain will be represented by Philip Parham, the Deputy Ambassador to the UN. Brazil, France, Canada, Spain, Japan and the Irish Republic as well as the US are sending senior ministers.

"Nearly three months after one of the worst natural disasters of modern times, a Haitian government report places the death toll at 220,000 while the people believe that twice that number were killed. More than a million homeless Haitians are still in urgent need of basic humanitarian aid, yet the UN has reported a slump in donations to its top-priority relief fund."

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