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Asylum seekers' survey reveals most find UK 'welcoming'

The Guardian, 14 June 2010
Publié le : 14 juin 2010
 Alan Travis 

"The majority of refugees and asylum seekers feel the average person in Britain welcomes them, according to an opinion poll publishedtoday.

"The rare survey of the views of asylum seekers themselves, which was commissioned by the charity Refugee Action to mark the start of Refugee Week today, shows that what they enjoy most about living in Britain are the people, football, the multicultural society and British television.

"When asked which characteristics they thought best represented the British people the most popular answers were "friendly", "polite", and "obsessed with football". A quarter of refugees and asylum seekers also see the British as "hard working" and "kind" with only 10% describing them as "reserved" or "complaining"."

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