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As Obama makes another visit to Gulf, documents show BP cut corners in days before blowout

The Chicago Tribune, 15 June 2010
Publié le : 15 juin 2010
 Matthew Daly, Ray Henry 
"NEW ORLEANS (AP) BP made a series of money-saving shortcuts and blunders that dramatically increased the danger of a destructive oil spill in a well that an engineer ominously described as a "nightmare" just six days before the blowout, according to documents released Monday that provide new insight into the causes of the disaster. "The House Energy and Commerce Committee released dozens of internal documents that outline several problems on the deepsea rig in the days and weeks before the April 20 explosion that set in motion the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history. Investigators found that BP was badly behind schedule on the project and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars with each passing day, and responded by cutting corners in the well design, cementing and drilling mud efforts and the installation of key safety devices." Read on...
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