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Apathetic voters, the silent majority

The Los Angeles Times, 14 October 2010
Publié le : 14 octobre 2010
 Faye Fiore 
"Ann Quinn is in her red camp chair watching her 10-year-old son at Friday afternoon soccer practice. There's a bin of blue and gold hats in the back of her SUV and a big flag. When she isn't working full time at the local Navy base, she is cubmaster for her son's pack and a classroom volunteer at his school. "If all that isn't enough, there is an election coming up next month and her husband, John, comes home most nights all spun up about what a lousy job President Obama and the Democrats are doing. She likes Obama and the Democrats. But she's tired from juggling work, parenting and cooking, and voting in these dispiriting times seems like just one more chore. "Quinn feels like she's stuck at a ping-pong match. Wasn't it only yesterday the Democrats were promising to shake things up in Washington? Now it's the Republicans, and it looks like control of the House and maybe the Senate is about to change hands." Read on...
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