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Animated News Clips Fuel Debate on Media Freedom

The New York Times, 10 December 2009
Publié le : 10 décembre 2009
 Jonathan Adams 

"A young man slaps his grandfather to the floor, bloodying him. Another slices off his girlfriend's hair with a knife after she says she wants to break up with him.

"A group of junior high students bullies a girl beating her, forcing her to strip to her underwear and then snapping pictures with their cellphones.

"Animations depicting such events, mixed with video and still photos, are typical Action News clips on the Web site of the Apple Daily, Taiwan's most widely read newspaper. One such clip about Tiger Woods recently took the Internet by storm, prompting a mix of ridicule and awe in the United States. But in Taiwan, the clips have provoked a debate over media freedoms and responsibility, and government regulation."

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