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Afghan Election Called a Success Despite Attacks

The New York Times, 21 August 2009
Publié le : 21 août 2009
 Carlotta Gall and Stephen Farrell 

"KABUL, Afghanistan Dozens of rocket attacks and menacing threats from the Taliban suppressed turnout in Afghanistan's presidential election, but it seemed clear on Friday that enough voters had cast ballots for Afghan officials to declare they had thwarted efforts by the insurgents to derail the vote.

"The election, conducted Thursday, is the second in the nearly eight years since an American-led invasion ousted the Taliban from power, but the security situation in the country has deteriorated so sharply, and the credibility of the Afghan leadership has sunk so low, that the ability of the government to hold the election at all had been in doubt.

"It was still too soon to say how many Afghans had actually cast ballots, yet a spokesman for President Hamid Karzai said Friday that the Karzai camp was confident that the president was on track to win re-election with a first-round vote total of more than 50 percent."

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