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A new frontier in quest to understand the cosmos

The Los Angeles Times, 14 April 2011
Publié le : 14 avril 2011
 Kurt Streeter 
"In a small room at Caltech, space physicist Ed Stone and four of his colleagues puzzle over a trove of data that has just arrived from the bulbous edge of the solar system. ""What, exactly, are we looking at?" Stone asks. "The data form a map of invisible matter, a slush of atomic particles once part of stars that exploded around 10 million years ago. The information has come from Voyager 1, the spindly little spacecraft that rocketed from Florida more than 30 years before and is still traveling, farther from Earth than any human-made object ever has. "Stone and his associates are stumped. "What are we going to find?" Stone wonders. "Right now, I don't think anybody knows."" Read on...
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