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A fifth of children have never received a letter

The Guardian, 21 May 2010
Publié le : 21 mai 2010
 Rachel Williams 

"One in five children in the UK has never received a handwritten letter, according to a survey published today.

"With young people increasingly relying on email and social networking sites to communicate, a tenth had never written a letter themselves, the research found.

"Teachers and experts said they feared young people were missing out on the pleasures and developmental benefits of letter writing.

"The survey of 1,200 seven- to 14-year-olds, commissioned for children's charity World Vision, found that more than a quarter had not written a letter in the last year and 43% had not been sent one.

But in the previous week alone, almost half had either sent or received an email, or a message on a social networking site. Boys were twice as likely as girls never to have written a letter."

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