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Time Square - Before and After


General comprehension

1) What is the nature of the document?

2) Has one of the photographs been photoshopped? How can you guess and what do you make of it?

3) State the main differences between those two views of Time Square. What sort of project does it correspond to?


1) What does Time Square symbolise? What do you associate it with?

2) The square is photographed from a high angle. Can you explain why? What part of the square is being emphasised?

3) Find other photographs of Time Square on the internet. What sort of angle or point of view is commonly used? Why?

4) The New York City Department of Transportation has been acting to increase the number of plazas and pedestrian spaces. Time square was one of their first projects. Why did they start there?

5) Use the links on the right side of this page to learn more about the Department of Transportation and the action of its Commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan. Do you think it reflects a change in the traditional American conception of urban life?
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