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Angela Davis: becoming an icon

Angela Davis posters

- Free Angela posters
- Shepard Fairey artwork

Analyse d'images

Free Angela and All Political Prisoners

- Free Angela trailer
- Phonetics, the nuclear stress

Vidéo et compréhension orale

Negotiating the Transformations of History

- Extract from Angela Davis's The Meaning of Freedom

Texte et compréhension écrite

Final task

Speaking task

Work in pairs. Imagine a conversation between a journalist and Angela Davis following the release of Free Angela, the documentary. The interview will focus on her legacy, her state of mind at the time of the events, her reaction to various uses made of her image.

Writing task

You are an art critic writing a paper on Shepard Fairey's Angela David posters. Discuss the significance and relevance of her iconic status today. You could compare the Angela Davis posters with other artworks by Shepard Fairey involving other iconic figures.
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