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Sally Morgan, Citizenship (1988)

All rights reserved
Sally Morgan is an Australian Aboriginal author and artist. Her works explore the troubled relationship between the Aboriginal Australians and the white population throughout the twentieth century.

Reproduced with the kind permission of the artist.

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General background

1) When was this artwork created and by whom?

2) What is the general subject?

Structure and colours

3) How is Sally Morgan's artwork organised in terms of:

- Line
- Shape
- Perspective
- Balance
4) How can you relate the choice of colours to Aboriginal people history?

5) Can you detect any influences on this artwork? Explain them.

6) How would you define the artist's style? Circle your answers.

- Realistic / Abstract
- Formal / Informal
- Expressive

The text

7) What effect is produced by the use of the passive form "Were allowed to"?

8) Why did Aboriginal people refer to their citizenship papers as 'Dog tags'?

Contexts and Interpretations

9) What did Aboriginal people become aware of during and after WW2?

10) In which historical and political context did Sally Morgan realise this artwork?

11) What do you think is the message conveyed through this artwork?

12) After researching on the situation of the Aboriginal people in Australia today, say if the message conveyed is still relevant.
Further readings
-Mise en perspective historique et politique des relations Blancs/Aborigènes en Australie, lire l'article d'Isabelle Bénigno

-Benang, itinéraire d'une reconstruction identitaire : de la dislocation à la renaissance, lire l'article d'Isabelle Bénigno

-Consultez nos ressources en littérature du Commonwealth
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